Greta Kohan

Singing the Blues, the Blues is my feeling... Feeling the Blues, the Blues is my singing.

  Photo by Ernesto Linnemann 

  Photo by Ernesto Linnemann 

Greta Kohan is a  Singer and Songwriter from La Cumbre, Córdoba, Argentina based in Brooklyn, New York City.

She is considered one the best blues voices in the new generation of Argentine singers with more than 12 years performing and studying.

She has studied vocal technique with Jay Clayton, Darnell White, Gwen Conley, Deborah Dixon, Chany Suarez and Grace Cosceri. Piano and general music studies with Romina Fuchs and Marta Sanchez. Harmonica blues with Gino Calcagna.

Her voice has a wide range that makes it possible for her to sing different styles going from a soft sound to a raspy voice in one song interpretation. Her repertoire includes the standards and her own originals compositions both in English and Spanish.

In 2014 she recorded as a soloist with the “Boulevard Gospel Singers” their first CD, becoming the first Gospel Choir in Argentina to record a CD.

She is currently working on what is going to be her first EP “Now and Then” with a soul, blues sound combining her Argentinean roots and sounds.