Greta Kohan

Singing the Blues, the Blues is my feeling... Feeling the Blues, the Blues is my singing.

  Photo by Ernesto Linnemann 

  Photo by Ernesto Linnemann 

Born and raised in La Cumbre, Córdoba, Argentina, Greta Kohan is a singer and songwriter based in Barcelona, Spain.


Greta’s voice has been described as soulful, charismatic and passionate. Her wide range makes her possible to swing from a soft to a raspy voice, creating beautiful nuances in her performances.


With more than 13 years studying, Greta has been formed in vocal techniques with Jay Clayton, Darnell White, Gwen Conley, Deborah Dixon, Chany Suarez And Grace Cosceri; piano and general music studies with Romina Fuchs and Marta Sanchez; and harmonica blues with Gino Calcagna.


Greta’s repertoire includes Jazz and Blues standards as well as her own original compositions, both in English and Spanish.


In 2014 Greta recorded as a soloist in the “Boulevard Gospel Singers” first album, which was also the first argentinian Gospel Choir to record an album.

Later that year, after reaching the most distinctive stages in the Buenos Aires jazz scene, Greta moved to New York City in pursuit of her dreams of learning and performing in the mythical city.

During 2015, Greta performed several times in the "Lagree Baptist Church" (Harlem, Nueva York) and took part in the "Vocal nights con Jay Clayton" in "Why not? Cafe". (Manhattan, Nueva York).

After one year of focusing in her studies, Greta formed a duo with the argentinian guitarist Juan M. Soria with whom she staged at “Silvana” (Harlem),"Shrine" (Harlem), "Rockwod Music Hall" (Manhattan), "Mock Crest Tavern" (Portland), "Waterfront Blues Festival" (Portland) and others.

She also performed as a guest of Eddie Taylor Jr. y Matt Hendricks in "Buddy Guy Legends" (Chicago) and in Jam sessions at "Rosa's Lounge" (Chicago, Illinois, EE. UU.).


In later 2017, Greta decided to relocate to Barcelona after 3 years in the agitated New York.